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“Tough love and brutal truth from strangers are far more valuable than Band-Aids and half-truths from invested friends, who don’t want to see you suffer any more than you have.”

― Shannon L. Alder

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Support & Skills Groups


Join a group of your peers who are seeking to improve themselves through support from each other and learning skills from a certified instructor. 

Register for the following upcoming Support and Skills Groups that will be on Zoom led by Christine Vazquez, ATR-BC:

Groups Available for Registration (Click the Day and Time to Register)


Mind Body Skills Group (1.5 hours)             $40 per session (Closed Weekly Group)

Monday 6pm (Ages 18+): Developing Interest List (8 weeks)

Saturday 12pm (Ages 18+): Developing Interest List (8 weeks)

Mind Body Skills Groups are facilitated according to the guidelines of the Center for Mind Body Medicine and provide a safe and supportive small group environment to gently begin the journey towards self-discovery, reducing and relieving stress and creating optimal health.  Participants learn a series of powerful and effective, research-based healing tools to help explore life changes, stress, and well-being in an intimate and supportive group setting.  Anyone can benefit from the deepening self-awareness that comes from these explorations, as well as people who have a particular health or life challenge they want to understand more about.

Groups are highly experiential and integrate techniques that will empower your growth through effective research proven skills including, deep breathing, meditation, art expression, guided imagery, journaling, genogram, and mindful eating.

Benefits include: Decreased physical symptoms of illness, better coping skills, positive perceptions on life, increased self awareness.

Wednesday 6pm (Ages 14-17): Developing Interest List (8 Weeks)

Saturday 10am (Ages 14-17): Developing Interest List (8 Weeks)

Teens are constantly picking up stress from their environment, from adults, and older kids around them.  They are stressed by what they see on television and what they hear and have difficulty filtering out information.  They can become stressed by major and minor changes, have difficulty with transitions and don't alway have the full language to describe what they are feeling.  Teaching teens to use their imaginations and to develop intuition through the use of mind-body skills helps teens to feel more confident, manage emotions and stress better, have better options in problem solving, and create a more balanced and healthier future.


Mind-Body techniques increase teen's ability to know and express their emotions.  Having a strong foundation in emotional literacy can help them to: tolerate frustration better, get into fewer fights, engage in less destructive behavior, be healthier, be less lonely, be less impulsive, be more focused, have greater academic achievement.  


Some causes of teen stress:

Excessive expectations, worry about what others think, bullying, ineffective coping strategies, relationship problems, loss, learning differences, pressure to perform, fear of being different, peer pressure, moving, natural disasters, fatigue, poor diet, illness, separation/divorce, wanting to please others, uncertainty, lack of control, peer pressure.

Art for Self Healing Group (1 hour)            $40 per session (Open Weekly Group)





Every Friday 12pm (Ages 18+) 

Art helps us connect our inner world of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions to our outer world of experiences.  Creative expression is about process, self-discovery, insight, and allowing space for our non-analytical brain to have a voice and to share its wisdom.  This group is supportive for people who are looking for fresh creative ways to explore and heal overwhelming emotions of stress, worry, fear, frustration, conflict, negativity, or heartbreak.  Participants will be encouraged to gently access their inner wisdom through guided meditation and spontaneous creative expression and to share their work with the group in a supportive, compassionate, and non-judgemental atmosphere. You do not need to have artistic skill or talent to benefit from this group, you just need to tap into your imagination which can be easy to do when you are feeling focused and relaxed.

Techniques for inner exploration include breathwork, guided imagery, collage, mandala, embodied writing and poetry, and inner child work, among others.

Suggested materials: A sketchbook (8x10 or larger) for creating and writing in.  Watercolour paints, paintbrushes, student grade colored markers, student grade oil pastels, collage materials (magazines, scissors, glue sticks), black pens (Sharpies and ball point pens)


Processing & Psychoeducation Groups

The following groups are structured groups that may either be open to new people engaging in the group or be closed to a specific number of people. In cases where groups are closed a screening questionnaire will need to be completed before registration is finalized.

Stress Management Group                         

A weekly group that will focus on increased coping skills, reduced stress, and a review of how to get your basic needs met. You will receive stress relief by learning research-based tools in a safe and supportive group setting. These groups will be co-led by Jonathan Ugalde, LPC, Victor Bucklew, Therapy Intern, and Jerry Mize, Therapy Intern. Pre-screening form to be sent through client portal as part of registration process.


January 25th, 2021 - March 15th, 2021                           Free

Mondays from 6pm-7pm

March 22nd, 2021 - May 3rd, 2021                                 Free

Mondays from 6pm-7pm


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