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Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Professional Resource List

Aspiring Outdoor Behavior Health Care Professional,

Throughout my studies and my professional experience I have come to realize the need for a comprehensive resource list for those who are trying to enter the Outdoor Behavioral Health Care field whether they are aspiring to be an adventure therapist providing adventure based counseling on a challenge course or other setting; or a wilderness therapist providing wilderness immersion along with adventure based counseling. No matter the type of professional the list compiled below is a comprehensive resource list as I have been able to develop including helpful groups, associations, college programs, training courses, and more that I have found to be beneficial as an emerging professional in this field.

Recommendation: Read "Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice" and "Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy" in order to get the most comprehensive understanding of how the field has developed and grown.

Thank you for reading,

Jonathan Ugalde, LPC  (List last updated: October 9th, 2018)

A Path with Honor: The Story of VisionQuest by Dennis Adams (1987)

Active Interventions for Kids and Teens: Adding Adventure and Fun to Counseling by Jeffrey Ashby, Terry Kottman, and Donald DeGraaf (2008)

Adventure Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Adventure Programming by Michael Gass, Phd (1993)

Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice (2012)

Association for Experiential Education: Therapeutic Adventure Based Group

Association for Experiential Education: Therapeutic Adventure Based Group Best Practices

Camping and Character by Hedley Dimock and Charles Hendry (1929)

Camping Therapy by Ruth Caplan (1974)

Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work by Mark Collard (2008)

Exploring the Islands of Healing: New Perspectives on Adventure Based Counseling by Jim Schoel and Richard Maizell (2002)

History of Organized Camping: The First 100 Years by Eleanor Eells (1986)

Islands of Healing: A Guide to Adventure Based Counseling by Jim Schoel (1988)

Kids in Trouble by Campbell Loughmiller (1979) Adventure Therapy Group

Naropa University Masters Degree Wilderness Therapy (Boulder, Colorado)

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

OBH Center at the University of New Hampshire

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative

Outward Bound: Instructor Development Program

Outward Bound USA: Crew Not Passengers  by Josh Miner and Joe Boldt (1981)

Pathways to Becoming an Adventure Therapist by Christian Itin

Prescott College (Prescott, AZ) - Masters of Science in Counseling with Concentration in Adventure-Based Psychotherapy

Primitive Pursuits (Ithaca, NY based Wilderness Skills Instructor Certification Program)

Project Adventure: Workshops and Degree Program

Shouting at the Sky: Troubled Teens and the promise of the Wild by Gary Ferguson (1999)

Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy (2015)

The Background of Therapeutic Camping by Elton McNeil (1957)

The Hundredth Monkey: Activities that Inspire Playful Learning by Nate Folan and Friends (2012)

The Laws Of Spirit: A Tale of Transformation by Dan Millman (2001)

The Promise of Wilderness Therapy by Jennifer Davis-Berman and Dene Berman (2008)

The Therapeutic Toolbox: 103 Group Activities and Treatment Ideas and Practical Strategies by Judith Belmont (2006)

Unity College (Unity, Maine) - Bachelors Degree in Adventure Therapy

University of New Hampshire - Dual Master Degree Program in Social Work (MSW) and Outdoor Education (MS)

Wilderness Road by Campbell Loughmiller (1965)

Wilderness Therapy: Foundations, Theories, and Research by Jennifer Davis-Berman and Dene Berman (1994)

Wilderness Therapy for Women: The Power of Adventure by Cole, Erdman, and Rothblum (1994)

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