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COVID-19 Update #2

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

March 22nd, 2020

Following the increasing concern and government recommendations Calming Wind Counseling Services, LLC has chosen to move all sessions at this time to tele-mental health until COVID-19 is considered to be at safe enough containment that regular operations are able to be conducted. Our goal in this decision is to assist others healthcare professionals and agencies who are monitoring and managing the COVID-19 pandemic to have the best chances for success. There are no additional costs associated with tele-mental health services and if you do not have the ability to utilize a computer your clinician may be able to utilize some phone sessions during this time depending on your insurance company.

What is Tele-Mental Health?

Tele-Mental Health is a secure way to hold sessions through video calls online. These sessions require both you and the clinician to have access to a computer with a camera and internet. The video software we use is HIPAA/HiTECH compliant. Instead of talking with your therapist in their office you would be able to talk to them from the comfort of your home or any other quiet place. 

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns during this time please contact either of our executive directors:

Executive Director of Finance & Operations / Therapist

Jonathan Ugalde, 804-416-5052 ext 700,

Executive Director of Branding & Logistics / Therapist

Cortney Zeigler, 804-416-5052 ext 701,

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