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Presenting: A New Teen Life Skills Group, New Clinicians, and Intern Harley Jones

Calming Wind Counseling Services is excited to present a new online group opportunity for teens; our Teen Life Skills group. Additionally, we would like to welcome our newest clinicians including intern Harley Jones, resident in counseling Angela DeBoard, and Marjorie Barbour, LCSW.

Teen Life Skills Group

Angela DeBoard is excited to offer an online group for teens to come together in a safe and friendly environment in order to work on their relationships with others, communication skills, learning ways to cope with the ups and downs of daily life, and discuss topics that teens are facing daily. Group topics may include relationships with friends, dealing with difficult emotions, communication skills, coping with stress, understanding your strengths, and improving family relationships.

To register for the group go the groups page, and click on the "click here to register" link for the group of your choice. Once the form has been filled out and submitted you will receive a confirmation about your group registration within 24 hours of your submission. Any questions about the Teen Life Skills group or any of our other groups can be addressed by emailing or calling 804-416-5052.