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Welcome 2021 Practicum Students - Practicum, Internship, & Residency at Calming Wind

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Clinicians spend years studying, training, and developing both their practical counseling skills along with their clinical knowledge in order to make sure they are providing the best care for clients. At the heart of every clinician's training is their in field experiences. Most clinicians get these experiences from graduate degree programs internship experiences and then some form of residency/supervision prior to licensure that allow them the ability to start getting hands on experience in their field while being supported by a professional in the field. For example, for a professional counselor in Virginia you need to complete at a graduate degree that includes a total 700 hours of practicum and internship experience before being able to apply to be a resident in counseling. Furthermore, the Virginia Board of Counseling highlights that a resident in counseling needs to complete a 3, 400 hours residency under the supervision of a qualified supervisor along with passing a board examination in order to obtain licensure as a licensed professional counselor.

In order to have these experiences students and residents in counseling need to be able to have locations in the community that accept the responsibility of supervising, guiding, and mentoring them along the way. Calming Wind Counseling's mission has been to allow clinicians the training and access they need to be able to serve the community while having the resources they need. We are moving towards fulfilling this mission by starting to supervise practicum and internship students along with residents in counseling, supervisees in social work, etc.

Calming Wind Counseling is excited to be bringing on two practicum students in January 2021 - Jerry Mize, and Victor Bucklew. These practicum students will be supervised by Jonathan Ugalde, LPC and will be starting to provide free therapy sessions as part of their practicum experience. As part of the practicum experience the students will be expected to:

  • one hour of supervision weekly

  • receive feedback from both their supervisor at Calming Wind and their faculty supervisor

  • observe and transition into conducting individual therapy sessions

  • observe and assist in conducting group therapy sessions

  • participating in clinical trainings

  • conduct individual clinical research assignments (i.e., readings, etc. )

  • keep a structured clinical experience journal

Following completion of their practicum experiences the students have the potential of being invited into a longer term internship experience. Sessions are able to be scheduled now through our online portal and any questions comm