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What To Look For In A Therapist

Whether you are new to therapy or have been to see many therapists over the course of your life finding the right therapist to work with is important. Determining who is a "good fit" can seem like an overwhelming and stressful task due to worry over not wanting be judged, wanting to know you can connect with your therapist, and wanting to feel comfortable overall with your choice of provider.

As Amy Morin, LCSW (2020) expresses, "Looking through an online directory may yield hundreds (if not thousands) of results. How do you pick someone to work with based on a short bio and picture? And if you are seeking help through an online therapy platform, how do you find a good fit when you may be speaking to a therapist primarily through a text-based chat or video chat?"

Here is a quick guide to help you figure out what therapist is a "good fit" for you:

What Makes You The Most Comfortable?

Feeling comfortable with your therapist allows you to develop a strong connection, establish trust, and open up about those topics that make you feel most guarded. When considering who you may be comfortable working with, consider the following questions:

  • Would you feel more comfortable working with someone who identifies as a man, woman, or otherwise?

  • How do you feel about talking with someone who is older, younger, or the same age as you?

  • Do you think you would connect with a therapist that identified with a specific religious belief set or spiritual tradition?

  • Do you need more or less direction from your therapist?

  • Are there any other traits that you feel you need in your therapist?

While answering these questions, it is important to consider what you have found to be the most helpful in your life so far, as well. Some counselors utilize a counseling style focused around listening and processing to help you identify an answer for yourself, while others utilize a counseling style focused around challenging and directing you towards an answer. Others use a mixture of these two styles.