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One-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional to address clinical needs or safely support you through life’s transitions so you can live your most authentic life. 

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Our licensed couples therapists are uniquely qualified to create a neutral, safe and healing environment to navigate relational change, growth and recovery for partners.

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Licensed providers specializing in family dynamics create a healthy functioning and supporting environment for you and your loved ones to communicate, redress, reconcile and bond as a unit.

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Our licensed mental health professionals create a safe, affirming and supportive environment to facilitate individual healing and growth within the group through therapeutic discussion, shared experiences, activities and more. 

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Do you need therapy, but live out of the area or travel isn't accessible? Telehealth may be for you! Our Telehealth services are therapy services conducted over a distance through the use of video services or by telephone if there is no video access. Telehealth services at Calming Wind Counseling Services are provided through secure one time use links that are sent by email to the client.

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Calming Winds offers Clinical Supervision services to help Virginia residents in counseling learn clinical skills, develop their counseling style, encourage personal growth, and prepare them for licensure in Virginia. Clinical Supervisors provide supervision on either an individual or group format to assist residents in counseling fulfill their residency requirements.

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