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Social Media and Stress: Turn Off The Notifications

While social media allows us to connect with other people, it can also be a source of stress and anxiety.

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone? I know I do. That, and I find myself "mindlessly scrolling" more often than I would care to admit. It feels like it comes naturally.

"I know it's not good for me to check it again. But it's so easy. There's a lull in the conversation. I feel insecure in a social setting. It buzzed three times. That must mean it's significant, right?"

We're constantly checking our phones. Some would say we're obsessed with them. But it's not so much the phones themselves. The need to constantly check our phones is related to our time spent on social media. We can constantly know what is happening in the world and more specifically, what other people are doing due to instant communication through texting and messaging apps. When I'm being honest with myself, I often feel more stressed after I've been using social media for a long block of time.

Social media does allow us to connect with other people, and this can have a positive impact in our lives. However, sometimes social media use can be a source of stress and contribute to anxiety. This is why it is critical to find a healthy balance when it comes to use of social media.