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Introducing: 4 New Clinicians and a New Community Outreach Director

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We would like to welcome four new clinicians and a new member to our administrative this month! Join us in welcoming Residents in Counseling Stephen Barlow, Kiley Overstreet, and Roderick Hampton II, licensed professional counselor Krystal Thompson, and Brian Pierce our Community Outreach Director & Operations Manager to Calming Wind Counseling Services!

New Providers

Stephen Barlow, Resident In Counseling

Stephen Barlow is a resident in counseling who focuses on exploring life's challenges. Stephen sees life as full of challenges, pain, and joy that are natural to being human. By exploring these challenges and responding to pain and joy, we form our own identities and ways of being in the world. In therapy Stephen encourages clients to tell their own stories and use their inherent strengths to rise to their challenges. By fostering growth, mindfulness, and resiliency, clients are able to gain new coping skills, find effective wellness strategies, and look at their lives with a new perspective. Stephen strives to be an honest, supportive, evocative, and warm presence, allowing for counseling to be a safe place for exploration and change.

Stephen has clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and groups with a number different issues including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, relationship counseling, LGBTQ issues, men's issues, substance use, life changes, and trauma

Roderick Hampton II, Resident In Counseling

Roderick A. Hampton II is licensed in Virginia as a Resident in Counseling and is a National Certified Counselor (NCC). His goal during therapy is to work collaboratively with individuals while establishing a warm and empathetic relationship to assist each client in overcoming their barriers and obstacles. Roderick strives to provide a judgment-free zone while creating a safe environment to explore pressing challenges. He acknowledges that every individual has the potential to heal from their emotional and psychological factors that negatively impact their life. Roderick adjusts his strategies and treatments to each individual’s unique identity, values, and beliefs. He looks forward to working alongside clients through their challenges, while coaching individuals to develop their strengths and make progress toward their goals. The focus of therapy will be to guide individuals to examine events/conflicts for their emotional reactions and learn new ways to appropriately react and think.

Roderick’s clinical experience has led to specializing with children, adolescents and adults who are seeking help with mental health concerns related to depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, substance use disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as life transitions and other obstacles. Roderick also has worked with athletes who have faced mental health concerns.

Linda Noronha, Licensed Professional Counselor

Linda Noronha is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has over 5 years of clinical experience, working in a variety of settings including child and adolescent residential hospitals, intensive in-home services, individual, family and couple’s outpatient therapy. She has extensive experience working with adolescents, as well as adult individuals and couples’ therapies. Linda graduated from Liberty University with a Masters in Counseling and earned her ASD Certification from George Mason University. Linda is well versed in providing outpatient services in a face to face or Telehealth (virtual) setting, it is a matter of choice for whatever is convenient to her clients. Linda incorporates solution-focused, play therapy, trauma-focused, CBT and DBT methodologies to empower individuals to effect positive changes in their lives. Life has many ups and downs, can be chaotic, sad or sometimes you just need to talk to someone – she is there to help you get through the rough times.

Linda’s clinical experience has led to specializing in working with individuals who struggle with social skills (ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.), depression, panic/anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, and life transitions. Linda enjoys working with individuals, and families.

Kiley Overstreet, Resident In Counseling

Kiley Overstreet is a resident in counseling with experience working with children, families, and adults. She believes the therapeutic process should be unique and client-centered. She believes her clients are the expert of your own life and that her job is to help guide you as you grow and change with the world around you. Kiley's goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which you are encouraged as you learn, grow, and heal throughout the process.

Kiley enjoys collaborating with my clients to meet their personal goals. Kiley is passionate about encouraging clients to heal and thrive in life, using a mix of therapeutic approaches including strengths-based, creative, play, trauma-informed, and individualized interventions. Kiley typically work with children, adolescents, families, college students, and adults.

Krystal Thompson,

Licensed Professional Counselor

Krystal Thompson is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Virginia. Krystal has worked in the mental health field for over 10 years, and her expertise is related to working with individuals that experience hardships such as relationship difficulties, career changes and grief & loss. Krystal also work with individuals struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Krystal specializes in working with adolescents (16- 19), couples and adults with low self-esteem, relationship issues, trauma, self image and identity acceptance. Krystal has experience working with marginalized communities including LGBTQIA and minority people of color. Krystal's therapeutic lens is person centered and humanistic, in which her clients are seen as the expert in their lives, while she assists and guides them through inner knowing, interpersonal changes, and healing. Krystal's goal is to assist people with working towards fulfilling their fullest potential, healing inner child wounding and/or trauma, and regaining a new perspective on life.

Krystal uses an eclectic approach taking techniques from person centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy to meet the needs of her clients while focusing on their strengths.

New Administrative Staff

Calming Wind Counseling Services is excited to introduce our new Community Outreach Director & Operations Manager Brian D. Pierce!

Brian has worked in the field of Emergency Management for county governments, universities, and non-profit organizations since 2014. Brian’s Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Alfred University and his Masters in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management bring a unique skill set to the Calming Wind Counseling administrative team allowing for further exploration of opportunities in the community for support, and new partnerships.

Brian has a passion for helping others get connected to the resources they need, and making partnerships that encourage growth and resilience in the community. Brian looks forward to working with clients, community partners, and others to learn more about Calming Wind Counseling's mission, and services. You can reach out to Brian by emailing

An Invitation from Calming Wind Counseling

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Stephen, Kiley, Roderick, Krystal, or any of our other clinicians you can call 804-416-5052 to speak to our staff, register on our online client portal by clicking "New Clients" or clicking here, or send an email to in order to schedule your first appointment.


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