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Introducing: Ernest Swanson, and Hayley Dodd

As we head into the new year we are excited to share that we have had a couple new therapists join Calming Wind Counseling Services! They bring with them experiences from community based mental health agencies, and outpatient therapy. We encourage you join us in happily welcoming Ernest Swanson, LPC, and Hayley Dodd, LPC to Calming Wind Counseling Services!

New Providers

Ernest Swanson, LPC

Ernest Swanson is a licensed professional counselor who comes from a background working community mental health services such as mental health skill building in Southwestern Virginia. Ernest is passionate about helping others and is looking forward to helping those in his local area gain access to outpatient therapy services through telehealth.

Ernest encourages his clients to reach out and express their emotions saying, "Life can be difficult at times, especially when we feel isolated or alone." Ernest has extensive experience working in psychiatric settings with clients ranging from children to adults. Ernest uses evidence-based techniques proven to be effective in treating multiple mental health issues. Ernest wants his clients to know "I’m passionate about helping others and look forward to talking with you."