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Caitlin Provencher, RIC

Hello fellow humans! I am a corny, goofball who likes to take moments to relax and breathe. We all struggle with finding or even creating the space to allow ourselves to exist. In a fast paced world, it can also feel difficult to undo the societal norms we have been taught to abide by. All of these are important aspects for us to consider when thinking about how we function in the world. I like to help my clients work to understand how their views have created patterns in their life while helping write a new narrative from their own perspective. While it can be a difficult journey, the baby steps towards this change in perspective can be a beautiful adventure. I am excited to help others see their own potential and watch their growth unfold!

Portrait of Caitlin Provencher

Caitlin Provencher, Resident in Counseling


Hours: Call for Availability


Caitlin has experience working with people with disabilities, anxiety, depression, and navigating relationships.

Treatment Modalities

Caitlin is informed in multiple treatment modalities including cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, and feminist therapies. She uses these to aid in a holistic approach to understanding clients' experiences.


  • Bachelor of science, Virginia Commonwealth University 

  • Masters of education, Virginia Commonwealth University

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